Cost for Air Coolers and Your Pocket Book

All rates, shapes and sizes come with air coolers. It’s crucial that you get the one that suits your needs, big ones, tiny ones, some cool quicker and some cool for longer. You can get yourself a good cooler starting from as low as INR 6000/-. But there are numerous features provided by different coolers. It is possible to split most of them into three simple groups and those are major, secondary and luxury.

They're the ones that are the base model of each brand when you talk about primary coolers. For any cooler, there's one thing that's normal and that's dispensing water through the cooler. For it to produce the cooling air it is known to do there is a certain volume of water that needs to be dispersed into the cooler. Main coolers normally come with a panel based on wool. For it to start giving out cool air easily, the panel even needs to be dampened often. The primary coolers are those with a wide and powerful motor that is connected to the fan and are also available with the window attachment facility. For anywhere from 5,000 rupees to 8,000 rupees, you will have these. During a sunny afternoon, these coolers are best, but the only catch is that they are immense in scale and can cool only a small space.

The more lightweight coolers that use honeycomb pads as they dispense cool air into the room are secondary coolers. These are a bit more convenient and generally come with wheels in order to drive them about in the room quickly. Typically, secondary coolers are wide or broad in scale. They are reasonably strong and, if held in the center, are most useful for cooling a normal size or even a large room. Usually, you will find that they are between 8000 rupees to 10,000 rupees. They are more agile and lightweight, but there could be a problem with the strength that cooling can supply.

Luxury is the third and final category. You will find coolers here that are not only lightweight but strong as well. Once you've built this in your home, it'll cool the entire place no matter where it is. With swing and digital motion, these coolers are open, which means you don't need to get up any time you want to turn it on or off (as in the case of most primary coolers). This are the top of the line and cooling becomes a total breeze after you've built it. Air coolers are a good way to cool your house, and you should find a cooler that's perfect for you and your budget, based on your exact tastes!


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